Soup’s On

Happy New Year!!! It’s been almost a month since I last posted anything. That’s not to say that I’ve been slumbering on my couch on a Netflix binge. Granted, those days have a place. More on that another day. Maybe there’s space sometime for the story of how Netflix saved me from the Mango Fly.

This past month has been a flurry. I’ve made a real attempt to get outside, breath in the air, and stretch my legs. Making time for myself on a consistent basis really helped me deal with the seasonal chaos. I wanted to initially do a rundown of all the places I explored over the holidays, but have decided to only write about the most recent one. On a side note, a lot of the places I explored were found using a really nifty site. It pretty much organizes trails by certain conditions. Really helpful if you’re looking for something that meets certain conditions. If that strikes your fancy, try this link, or don’t. I’ve started using it to research possible hiking locations. I don’t personally know the man that runs the site, but he gave me permission to include his link here. Without further delay…

Hot Sulphur Springs, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO. –> Resort

It might smell like eggs, but the water was amazing! Some of the natural spring pools were warmer than others. Plenty to chose from! Don’t drink the water.

So when it comes to relaxing, this place takes the cake. Once you get over the olfactory blitzkrieg, it’s super soothing. You’re not going to be swimming laps here, but if you want to sit down in some really hot water and nurse that sore shoulder, this is the place to go. It costs $20 per person for a full day pass. There is a private indoor spring that is pricier, at $20/hour. I wanted to be outside and experience the surroundings while I relaxed, so I never went into the private area. I would also recommend taking a roll in the snow if you get too hot. Some of the younger bucks did it, which gave me a good laugh. There was a good crowd this past weekend, and I think everyone had a good time talking to each other and taking it easy.

After working up a healthy appetite from a full day of relaxing, there’s pretty much only one option in Hot Sulphur Springs: The Dean Public House. This place is amazing. They also make a mean Old Fashioned, if that’s your flavor. The food was delicious and the service was excellent. Not too expensive for all the food that they served you. I had the Sheppard’s Pie, which really hit the spot. It was also less than 100ft. from where I booked my Airbnb. All in all, it was just about the perfect trip away from downtown Denver.

Dean Public house building has been around since 1874!
Less than 100ft from my Airbnb! Can’t beat that!

I’m not sure what’s next in the pipe. There’s talk about possibly doing a winter 14er, but that is going to take some real research, as well as some luck with the weather. Mt. Quandary has come up in conversation a couple times, but even that seemed pretty daunting this time of year. What are your thoughts? Anyone have any experience with winter 14ers?

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