My First Trip!

Beautiful rock formations along the lower tree line
I didn’t have those nifty hiking slip-on crampons, but they would have helped in certain spots!
Look what I walked in on! It helps to look up while you’re hiking! He was less than ten feet away!

So this is my first posting here on Adventures on the Trail! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. I’m a Teacher, graduate student, and veteran. This blog provides me a little time to write and reflect. A chance to share my experiences with anyone who is interested.

This past weekend I decided to head over to Evergreen and try my hand on the Three Sister’s Trail. My last hike was a 14er, Mt. Elbert. The Sister’s only took me about three hours from getting out of my car to getting back into it. It was the perfect afternoon casual walk. Pretty easy, even with the little bit of snow and mud. To clarify, I walked the southern loop which takes you to the scenic spot on the map. I think the total mileage for that route is around seven miles. Don’t let that discourage you. I am a novice when it comes to this stuff. I just happen to do a little bit a research before I head up. Hopefully anyone reading this can bypass some of that by reading this!

What gear did I bring with? Here’s a list:

  • beanie (stocking cap)
  • gloves (didn’t wear them)
  • convertible pants from North Face
  • Sorel Buxton waterproof boots I don’t like to skimp on my feet. Eight years of service taught me that lesson. Be nice to them!
  • Thick wool socks
  • Cell phone and battery charger
  • Osprey daypack Nothing too big
  • 2L of water and a small Gatorade, bag of almonds, and another ziplock bag of granola
  • rain jacket/shell
  • first aid kit and a pocket knife
  • Walking stick to help me keep my balance –> this really helped in some of those snowy/icy areas!
  • sunglasses! Polarized please.

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